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New Referee - Grass Roots Training is currently OPEN for registration.

Summary of the Grass Roots Training Process:

The New Referee - Grassroots Training process (formerly known as Entry Level Training) is a combination of an On-Line Training Course to be completed at your own pace and once completed registration and attendance to (1) in-person/in-class session of 5 hours. Two Grassroots Training sessions will be offered per year.

Session I:
Grassroots Training registration and access to the online modules will be open through 8/31/18. Once the online modules are complete you will register for and attend one required "in-person" session. The required "in-person" sessions will start 8/11/18 and run through 9/9/18. At least one "in-person" session will be available on a first come first serve basis almost every weekend somewhere in the state in that time period. Once the online training process and in-person session is complete, certification is valid for the remainder of 2018 and all of calendar year 2019. If you do not complete the "full" Grassroots Training process in Session I you may complete the training process in Session II.

Session II:
Grassroots Training registration for Session II will open 1/15/19 and run through 3/31/19 with the required in person sessions starting in mid-February and ending April 7, 2019. Once the Grassroots Training Process is complete certification is valid for the remainder of 2019.

You must complete the entire New Referee - Grassroots Training process, including the in person session by 4/7/19; at this point there is no carryover to the next session and there will be no refunds.

It is imperative that you READ the On-Line Course Instructions document
New Referee - Grassroots Training Instructions

before you proceed with any aspect of the
New Referee - Grassroots Training!!!

Click on the flashing image "Referee Clinics"
to go to the Referee Clinics page to proceed
with registration for New Referee - Grassroots Training.

Click here to read the USSF document
Information For New Referees

2019 CSRP Referee Symposium

The CSRP is pleased to announce that it will host the Referee Symposium on Saturday February 23rd at the Red Lion Inn, 100 Berlin Road, Cromwell from 9 am - 4 pm in the Crowne and Middlesex Rooms.

Our guest instructors will be Howard Webb, PRO General Manager, Erich Simmons, PRO Development Group Referee Coach and Sandra Serafini, PRO Director of Initiatives and Innovation.

Please register early to ensure a spot. The $25.00 fee includes lunch. You can register through the CSRP Event Calendar at www.ctreferee.net or from your eReferee account. Grade 6 Referees, members of the CSRP Referee Development Academy and Grade 7 Referees are urged to participate in this event. Emeritus Referees, Instructors and Assessors are also encouraged to participate.



Grade 8 Recertification for the officiating year 2019 is currently CLOSED!!!

If you are 19 or above a Background Check is part of the Recertification process. If a Background Check is needed this year you will need to start your Recertification process to allow sufficient time for the Background Check results to be updated to your eReferee account before continuing with the Recertification process.

Recertification will be done 100% On-Line;
there will be no in-class Recertification Clinics.

Click on the flashing image "Referee Clinics" to go to the Referee Clinic page for more information or logon to your eReferee account to Recertify.

It is imperative that you READ the document
2019 Recertification Information
before you proceed with the Recertification Process!!!

Please READ the following to assist you with Entry Level Training
or Recertification.

"Laws of the Game 2018 - 2019"

Click on the link below for the document US Soccer has released on "Cautionable and Send Off Offenses":

"U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program Report Codes for Cautionable and Sending-Off Offenses Based on 2017-18 Laws of the Game"

Please be advised for the officiating year 2018 and going forward US Soccer will not be mailing registration cards. All registered Officials can go to the U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program National Registration database to download or print their own registration card for the current year. Officials can also see their entire registration history. Click on the link below for instructions how to access your Referee registration:

"Step by Step - An Individual's Guide to Printing their own Registration Card & History"

U.S. Soccer and US Youth Soccer have approved a Small-Sided Game mandate for full implementation in 2017-2018.

The purpose of this mandate is to concentrate on the long-term development of players instead of the team emphasis of “win at all costs” at younger ages. Full details of the Small-Sided Games requirements will be provided in the recertification modules and in-service clinics. It can also be located on-line. The following is what you need to know before you start officiating U12 and under effective immediately.Please READ the following to assist you with "Small Sided Games"

"Small-Sided Games Update July 2017"

Heading the ball in games at U11
or younger competitions*
is not allowed!!!

During these games you must use the following procedure:

When a player deliberately heads the ball in a game, an indirect free kick (IFK) should be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense. If the deliberate header occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred. If a player does not deliberately head the ball, then play should continue.

*this rule is enforced based on the age level of the competion, not age of individual players.
U11 match and younger - no heading the ball!!!
U12 match and older heading the ball is permitted.

For more information select the following link:
U.S. SOCCER - Recognize to Recover Program for Player Health & Safety

U.S. Soccer Concussion Initiative 2016

The following information has been released by US Soccer on Concussion Guidelines. Please read it carefully and implement immediately.

Games and Practices Where No HCP is Present
(HCP refers to Health Care Professional, RTP is Return to Play)

a.) U.S. Soccer recommends to the Implementing Members and all Organization Members that where no HCP is present at a game or practice, any player who sustains a significant blow to the head or body, who complains about or is exhibiting symptoms consistent with having suffered a concussion or is otherwise suspected of having sustained a concussion, must be evaluated by an HCP before the player will be allowed to return to practice or play.

(1) No coach shall permit a player who has been removed from a game for a concussion assessment to RTP until cleared to do so by an HCP.

(2) If a coach seeks to allow a player who been removed from a game for a concussion assessment to re-enter the game, the referee shall allow the player to return to the field but shall (a) immediately stop play,

(b) direct the player to leave the field of play and

(c) direct the coach to remove the player and select a substitute.

(3) If a coach seeks to allow a player to re-enter the game who been removed from a game for a concussion assessment, the referee shall issue a warning to the coach. If a coach persists in seeking to allow such player to re-enter the game after having been issued a warning, the referee shall be entitled to take such other disciplinary measures as are permitted.

b.) Unless an HCP determines that the player has not suffered a concussion and clears the player to RTP, the player will not be permitted to return to practice or play until the player has successfully completed the graduated RTP protocol described below and has been cleared to RTP by a physician.

If a player is injured and the coach or trainer enters the field, the player MUST leave the field of play.

If the coach decides that the player is able to continue, the player can reenter at the next legal substitution.

If the Referee determines that the player is not FIT to continue the match, stop the game and the coach MUST remove the player.

This process can be performed as many times as needed until they get the message.

Referees are required to write a REPORT of all concussion related incidences!!!

For more information select the following link:

Unanchored Goals

Unanchored Goals = Serious Injury

It is the responsibility of the Referee to check for the safety of the players!!!

The Referee's authority begins upon arrival at the area of the field of play and continues until he or she has left the area of the field after the game has been completed. The Referee's authority extends to time when the ball is not in play, to temporary suspensions, to the half-time break, and to additional periods of play or kicks from the penalty mark required by the rules of the competition.

The first order of business for the Referee team upon entering the field is to determine the fitness of the field. Failing to perform that duty is a significant breach of the Referees' responsiblies and represents Referee misconduct.

IF Goals Are Not Anchored - Do Not Start The Game!!!

Referee Recognition

Check out the Connecticut Referee Program Facebook page to see and support the many Connecticut Referees who have been selected to officiate high profile events throughout the US.

Visit USSOCCER.COM to catch up on the latest news or get information the Referee Program...

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