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Refereeing Out Of State

Refereing Out Of State

Many referees, assessors, and instructors from other states and countries are regularly invited to participate in USSF referee activities held in Connecticut. The State Referee Committee strongly encourages this practice as it brings increased value to the players, referees, and spectators at these games.

Similarly, referees, assessors, and instructors from Connecticut travel to other states to participate in USSF referee activities. Again, the State Referee Committee supports such travel as it increases the experience of referees, assessors, and instructors from Connecticut and often helps out programs in other states.

However, referees, assessors, and instructors coming into Connecticut have often been in violation of Federation policies and proper protocol. Further, our referees and assessors traveling to other states sometimes find that their games and assessments do not count because proper procedures were not followed.


1. The USSF administrative manual states that “Referees are registered by the U.S. Soccer Federation through the State Referee Administrator and are considered independent contractors. As a matter of courtesy, referees should inform the SRA/SYRA when traveling out of the state association to work games provided they have met their obligations to the state association” Referees wishing to travel to another state for an assessment MUST have permission from the Connecticut SDA who will then contact the SDA in the state to which the referee is traveling. The SDA can be contacted at the State Referee Office or by e-mail at sda@ctreferee.net.

2. While USSF policies do not require a referee coming into Connecticut to provide written permission from his or her SRA before being allowed to referee in Connecticut, it is the policy of the CSRP that names of visiting referees are forwarded to the State Referee Office. The State Referee Office will then verify that visiting referees are currently registered with the USSF and, if needed, contact the referee's SRA to ensure the referee is in good standing. Further, the State Referee Office can help to verify that referees coming in from another country are properly certified and have the necessary legal documents required working in the United States. Anyone inviting referees from out of the state should forward the names to the SRA at the state office (860-676-1161), fax them to the CSRP office (860-676-1162), or e-mail the names to info@ctreferee.net.

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