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Travel And Reimbursement Guidelines

1. Payment by State Office Only. All payments for travel and other reimbursable expenses will be paid through the CSRP Office by check. No payment will be made from cash funds at an event or program. All travel plans must be pre-approved by the CSRP to qualify for travel expense reimbursment.

2. Reimbursement Request Forms Must Be Used. The CSRP Expense Report form must be used by anyone requesting reimbursement for travel expenses. All information requested on the form is required: name, address, title/position, dates, signature, etc.

3. Original Receipts Requirement. Expenditures for more than $25 (except for mileage) must be submitted with an original receipt in order to be reimbursed. For amounts of $25 or less, when no receipt can be obtained, the person must detail the nature of the expenditure on the expense report.

4. Meal Expenses. Meal allowance is $50 per diem. Alcohol is not a reimbursable expense. Exceptions may be made on an on a case by case basis.

5. Air Travel. Air travel will be at the lowest coach class airfare available to the destination. Air travel arrangements are to be made as far in advance of the date of travel as is possible under the circumstances to ensure the lowest possible fare.

6. Mileage. Reimbursement for mileage is the IRS allowance per mile for business travel (the CSRP Office can advise what the current rate in use is). Reimbursement is not authorized and will not be paid for mileage that is less than a 25-mile radius from home. Mileage reimbursement may not exceed the lowest coach class airfare to the place of destination.

7. Rental Cars. Prior to rental of a car, consideration should be given to its required use and other transportation alternatives. The use of rental cars is encouraged when the cost of a rental car is less than the cost of mileage or other means of transportation, such as airport limousines or taxis. The person may only rent an economy or compact-sized car, except when 3 or more individuals are traveling together and using the car. Itemized rental receipts and payment receipts are required.

8. Timely Submission. The CSRP Office must receive a Reimbursement Request form within 45 days from the date the expenses are incurred (expenses incurred in August should be received at the Office no later than September 15th due to the end of the fiscal year).

9. Approvals. Only the Chairman of the State Referee Committee (SRC) and the SRA have the authority to approve expense reports.

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