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No Passes - Sign-in Procedure - Youth Competitions

If no passes and/or roster are available prior to the start of the match; the Referee will have all players, coaches, and managers neatly print their names, birth dates, and sign their signature next to their entry. The head coach will verify that all information is correct and sign a statement that all players, managers, and coaches are of the proper age, are on the official roster, have CJSA passes, and are eligible to participate in the match. The opposing coach will be notified of the absence of roster and passes.

If the passes and/or roster arrive at the field before the end of the match, the Referee MAY elect to inspect and verify the passes at that time (either at half time or at the end of the match). If Referee determines that the roster and passes are in order, no further action is required.

If the passes are not available prior to the end of the game or the Referee elects not to verify the passes after the start of the match, the Referee will submit a game report with the handwritten roster to the District Office and CJSA Office within 48 hours.

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