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Assessor Minimum Match Requirements

Effective September 1, 2004, each assessor certified through the CSRP of the Connecticut Senior Soccer Association, Inc., and the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association, Inc., must satisfy the following minimum match requirements each year:

Assessor GradeAnnual Amateur MatchesAnnual Youth MatchesTotal Annual Match Required
State Assessor6612

Amateur matches must be regular league matches in the CSRP service area. Amateur Cup matches can be used to meet the minimum match requirements.

Youth matches must be league or tournament matches in the CSRP service area. League matches must be 45-minute half matches suitable for assessment. Tournament matches must be U17-19 and must be at least 40-minute half matches. Where 45-minute half matches are not available, assessors are expected to assess the highest level of youth matches available in their area of the CSRP service area.

If no amateur matches are available in the area of the assessor in the CSRP service area, the assessor may substitute youth matches as provided under paragraph 2.

An assessor may use professional and international matches to satisfy not more than 50 percent of the annual match requirement of the assessor.

Consistent with United States Soccer Federation Policy 531-8, the SRA is directed to downgrade or not re-certify any assessor who consistently or blatantly fails to meet these minimum match requirements. If the SRA downgrades or does not re-certify an assessor, the assessor may appeal the decision of the SRA to the Connecticut State Referee Committee.

If an assessor is certified for only part of a year, these minimum match requirements do not apply to the assessor for that partial year.

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