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Referee Upgrade

The U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program details the various Referee Grades and outlines the requirements to "Upgrade" from one grade to another. Upgrades require that the following three requirements must be fulfilled in order to proceed with the Upgrade process.

  • Minimum age
  • Experience (game count at appropriate level according to grade)
  • Time in present grade

When the first three requirements are met and you are ready to initiate the Upgrade process:

  • Notify the State Referee Administrator (SRA) sra@ctreferee.net and Judy at info@ctreferee.net in writing that you are requesting an Upgrade.
  • Login to the CSRP eReferee System using your username and password or your USSF ID number
    1. Select the link "Begin Referee Upgrade Process"
    2. Complete "Upgrade Payment" to continue process
    3. Update all your Referee information as needed and select "Save Edits"
    4. As your information changes return to the eReferee System "Begin Referee Upgrade Process" to add new information and "Save Edits"
  • The Upgrade Coordinator (Judy) info@ctreferee.net will assist you and keep track of your progress through the Upgrade process
  • Forms to assist you with keeping track of your game count and Upgrade requirements are available on the CSRP web page Resources/Forms

The following are additional requirements that must be completed during the Upgrade process to satisfy Latest CSRP Requirements; these are also outlined in the U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program:

When you have completed ALL the requirements to Upgrade, login to the CSRP eReferee System

  • Update all your information and Upgrade details, select "Save Edits"
  • Check the box "I have successfully completed the upgrade requirements for the Connecticut State Referee Program and request that my Referee Grade be advanced"
  • Select "Request Upgrade" this will initiate your Upgrade

Once all the Upgrades requirements are completed and have been approved you will be notified that the Upgrade process has been completed.

Note: to maintain Referee grades 7, 6, and Emeritus you must meet all CSRP and USSF annual requirements for your Referee Grade. On an annual basis you must complete the Recertification Proces. Grade 6 Referee must also pass a Physical Fitness Test and (2)Assessments as a Referee. All Grade 7 and Grade 6 Referee are expected to comply with the SRC Policy for Referees regarding minimum number of games officiated. All Referees considering advancement must keep accurate records of all the Clinics and Training that they have participated in and Matches that they have officiated. Your records should include Clinic Type, Clinic Date, Clinic Instructor, Assessment Information, Game Dates, Venues, League, Level of Competition, Teams, and your position, i.e. Referee or AR. You will use much of this information when you fill out your annual Referee Recertification information.

More information about Assessments required for Upgrade can be found on the page Referee Assessment

If you have any questions about this process contact the Upgrade Coordinator (Judy) at info@ctreferee.net

Many documents on the CSRP web are offered in the PDF file format - to view or download these files you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You can obtain Adobe Reader for free from www.adobe.com by clicking on the Adobe PDF Reader image to the right: